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What unites us as a team is our interest in storytelling and the construction and power of narratives.

Mareike Günsche - Copyright Claudia Leisinger

Mareike Günsche: is a London-based photographer and educator focusing on human rights, gender issues and social change, with a special interest in photography’s ability to empower. Her method is participatory photography to create visibility for a variety of perspectives. Since 2019 she is senior lecturer in photography at the State University of Arts in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Her project “Dragkings” was awarded the Canon Award for young Photographers; her series “You Are My Sister” about a Mongolian transgender woman won “The Other Hundred” award. Her project “Our Voice” helped to create visibility of domestic violence in Mongolia and contributed to the establishment of a law that recognises domestic violence as a crime. Her work has been exhibited in Europe, Asia and the States and published in international media. More information can be found on her homepage

Adrian Flint

Adrian Flint: is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Sociology, Politics and International Relations at the University of Bristol. Adrian has a long-standing interest in the politics of HIV & AIDS and has published extensively on the subject. He is particularly interested in representations of HIV & AIDS and how these are articulated in the media and popular culture. His most recent work, using postcolonial theory, looks at the need to decolonise narratives of health and sexuality in a development context. More information can be found on his homepage

Martin Burns

Martin Burns: is a writer, HIV/AIDS activist and equality advocate who was born in Shakespeare’s County and continued his own writing at Bournemouth University where he gained a BA Hons in Scriptwriting for Film & TV. With his HIV diagnosis, Martin found his true voice. He had a tribe to write for, especially those too scared to speak out thanks to the persistent and insidious stigmas and misinformation that help keep anachronistic prejudices alive. He works freelance for HIV charities in the South-West, such as The Brigstowe Project, for whom he was a keynote speaker in 2019’s World AIDS Day. He has been involved in Awareness campaigns for the likes of The Terrence Higgins’ Trust, Green Carnation Theatre Company and The Bristol Post, as well as part of The Brigstowe Project’s national U=U Campaign. His activism informs much of his written work, too. He is currently compiling his N/F novel about the truth of being an HIV+ individual in 2020 and how life as an outcast has defined him and inspired his need for inclusion. More information can be found on his homepage

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